We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

We're Cookin' is a foodcast for home cooks, hosted by Just Simply... Cuisine in Washington, D.C. Hosts Chris Coppola Leibner and Brooke Rodgers will teach you how to cook seasonally and with real food, share stories from their JSC kitchens and gardens, introduce you to their favorite local and regional artisans, vendors, and experts of all things good food, and give you the best tips, tricks, time-savers, advice and recipes that we’ve picked up over the years!
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We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

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Sep 21, 2021

Ice cream is back in this episode! Chris and Brooke mix it up with veteran Just Simply… Cuisine apprentice and self-taught ice cream creator, Christina Smith. Christina reflects on lessons learned from cooking with our cohosts - and how cooking connects us to one another. (01:22) Together, they reminisce about fun times in the kitchen and exchange day-to-day food stories, including smart prep routines and imaginative improvisations using leftovers or ingredients in the pantry. (03:52) Christina gives us a sneak peek of her Rock Star ice cream, an innovative product she’s developing. The inspirational brand celebrates classic rock songs and “rock star” heroes. (10:35) Purple Haze, Running on Empty and Witchy Woman - a chocolaty fudge flavor with a cayenne kick - are just a few of the seasonal varieties among Christina’s creative concoctions, the proceeds of which will support in-patient mental health care for veterans and first responders. (12:25) Later, our special guest reveals her experimental process for creating delicious recipes like pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. (15:40) Finally, we learn how Christina keeps it creamy (not icy) when combining custard-based ice cream with real fruit. (19:04)

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[Episode 11]

Sep 7, 2021

Summer is rolling by, but lobster is rolling in! In this episode, we’re dishing buttery, herb-infused lobster on a warm roll. Steamed or sautéed. Buttered or olive-oil infused. Have it your way and toss in some rosemary or tarragon to boot - but don’t toss the shells just yet … use them to make a flavorful soup stock! (01:17) Next, Chris and Brooke spice things up with a versatile summer building block: chipotle cream. Brooke breaks down the recipe and whets our appetites with a prelude featuring a juicy fried green tomato sandwich. The delicious condiment adds punch to pulled chicken tacos, burgers, steak - and even sweet melon and figs. (08:51) Wait, figs? These tender, oozy treats have flowered in Chris’ garden. Speaking of which, our cohosts share a surprising fig-fact and creative combinations like roasted figs drizzled with Bellucci extra virgin olive oil aside a slice of chocolate cake. Yum! (16:35) The fun never ends with these ladies! Chris shares a smart tip for organically keeping tomato skins intact. Then, the ladies hang on to summer, exchanging cooking and storage techniques that will keep your vine ripe tomatoes hanging out long after the season ends. (21:33)

For recipes and more, including information about our cooking classes and monthly newsletter, Sage Advice, visit and follow us on Instagram.

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[Episode 10]