We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

We're Cookin' is a foodcast for home cooks, hosted by Just Simply... Cuisine in Washington, D.C. Hosts Chris Coppola Leibner and Brooke Rodgers will teach you how to cook seasonally and with real food, share stories from their JSC kitchens and gardens, introduce you to their favorite local and regional artisans, vendors, and experts of all things good food, and give you the best tips, tricks, time-savers, advice and recipes that we’ve picked up over the years!
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We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

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Apr 21, 2021

Spring is here, the gardens are budding, and our taste buds are fired up for Season 2 of We’re Cookin’! In this second season premiere, we’re serving a springtime medley of flavor and fun, featuring seasonal cooking tips from host Chris Coppola Leibner, owner of Washington DC’s beloved Just Simply… Cuisine cooking school - and introducing our amazing new co-host, Brooke Rodgers. In this episode, we dive into a mouthwatering Milanese recipe that you can easily make at home: Rosemary Gremolata Stuffed Lamb Loin Chops. (03:03) Don’t spend your weekends cooking – and don’t forget the reduced balsamic! We’re giving you even more ways to incorporate the ever-reliable starter vinaigrette into your sweet and savory dishes. (11:52) Unsure about how to repurpose your leftovers? We’ve shared quick tips on how to marry ingredients from your winter harvest (and grocery bags) with that cold pizza sitting in the fridge. (15:00) If you’re ready to start or remix your garden, look no further for tips on city and in-home gardening, including street-strip potato beds, garlic scapes and potted herbs. (16:03) Later, Chris recounts a surprising discovery of morel mushrooms and shares tips for preparing these delicate, delectable fungi! (24:45) Finally, Brooke helps us marry cross-seasonal ingredients as we transition from winter to spring. (27:00)

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