We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

We're Cookin' is a foodcast for home cooks, hosted by Just Simply... Cuisine in Washington, D.C. Hosts Chris Coppola Leibner and Brooke Rodgers will teach you how to cook seasonally and with real food, share stories from their JSC kitchens and gardens, introduce you to their favorite local and regional artisans, vendors, and experts of all things good food, and give you the best tips, tricks, time-savers, advice and recipes that we’ve picked up over the years!
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We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast


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Oct 7, 2021

As a new season begins and our second season ends, get ready to “fall” in love. The arrival of autumn welcomes a medley of hearty roots, good gourds, and herbal farm harvests. From the OBX, Chris starts off with helpful advice on when to shop for pumpkins, butternut, acorn, and carnival squash. Then, she and Brooke spice it up with perfect fall pairings – chard with nutmeg, pears with star anise, and more. (02:21) Speaking of which, Brooke gives a rundown of our featured autumn recipe: Purée of Caramelized Onion and Sweet Potato Soup. Need we say more? The delicious, sage-infused dish is easy to make and only gets better when topped with crème fraîche and toasted pepitas. (03:44) Also known as pumpkin seeds, pepitas steal the show again! This Just Simply… Cuisine recipe building block never fails as a garnish for autumn and winter soups, veggies, pastas – or simply eaten by the handful. (07:12) Later, our co-hosts share some handy kitchen tricks, including a tip to fix soup that’s too thick (try saying that three times!). (10:32) As the seasonal theme continues, the ladies break down the art of “concept cooking” and the fruits of this ingredient-based philosophy, seen through the eyes of their children. (14:07) Before breaking to give us more goodies in Season 3, Chris and Brooke reflect on their fun-filled weekend together playing “refrigerator roulette” in the JSC kitchen. Spoiler alert: it ends with a mighty frittata! (17:43)

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