We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

We're Cookin' is a foodcast for home cooks, hosted by Just Simply... Cuisine in Washington, D.C. Hosts Chris Coppola Leibner and Brooke Rodgers will teach you how to cook seasonally and with real food, share stories from their JSC kitchens and gardens, introduce you to their favorite local and regional artisans, vendors, and experts of all things good food, and give you the best tips, tricks, time-savers, advice and recipes that we’ve picked up over the years!
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We're Cookin': The Just Simply... Cuisine Foodcast

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Jul 7, 2021

Today, we’re serving tomatoes and bacon all day, as we invite you to our summer favorites! Our cohosts discover deals and fresh finds at their favorite farmers markets and reveal the go-to markets in the OBX and New England. (1:10) Tomatillos, anyone? The ladies update us on their latest home garden discoveries.  (3:10) If you listened to our pizza podcast (Episode 14), then you know we’re nuts about pesto! The earthy condiment returns to your speakers – tune in for Chris' and Brooke’s original remixes, featuring not-so-seedy substitutions for traditional pine nuts. (5:01) Chris breaks down the Mayacoba bean. Mixed with pesto, chopped sage, and a drizzle of Bellucci EVOO, this meaty Peruvian mainstay is delectable atop a toasted baguette. (7:44) What’s better than a BLT? A BLT+ just might be! Whether it’s light as lettuce or locked and loaded, we’ve got all the goods on preparing this classic summertime sandwich. #tomatobacondays (10:51) Speaking of goods, the ladies trade tips on storing your fresh or partially-used tomatoes (HINT: refrigerator not included). (13:43) We’re diving into dessert with a delicious berry crumble. Check out our July newsletter for the full recipe. (14:44) This jam-packed episode ends with a summer staple: corn. Brooke reveals an easy trick to extend its sweetness well into autumn, and Chris shares a versatile recipe for corn stock. Don’t forget to compost those cobs! (18:35)

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